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The Bonneville County Juvenile Probation Community Service Program provides a positive, intermediate consequence that gives youth the opportunity to give back to their community.  The program encourages juvenile probationers to take responsibility for their actions, by instilling in them the value of hard work, accountability, honesty and the benefit of serving others. 
Community service can be court-ordered or probation officers may also use community service as a consequence.  Youth have the opportunity to sign up for work crews at Moulton Gardens, Bonneville County Courthouse, and other special projects throughout the year.  ALL community service hours must be done via Bonneville County Juvenile Probation Community Service work crews.

If you sign up for a crew and are unable to attend, you must email your PO link to PO's emails and the community service director at with any conflicts.  Work Crew Supervisors CANNOT excuse absences.  Only the assigned PO can excuse an absence, however without notification of BOTH your PO and the Community Service Director, you will NOT be excused.  IF it is a verified excuse, you will be allowed to change scheduled community service work dates with 24 hour notice.  If you fail to show up for a crew without notifying both your PO and community service, sanctions may apply.   Please read the rules for additional information regarding the Community Service “no show” policy.
Each juvenile will be required to sign in each and every crew.  Juveniles are required to know their PO’s name and their parent/guardian’s phone number.  This information is vital and must be listed on the sign in sheet.  Parents, please make sure that you are available during crew times in case of an emergency.  If you will be unavailable during crew times, please speak with a community service supervisor when dropping off your child and leave an alternative name and number with them.

To sign up for Work Crews, use the Work Crews tab at the top of the page or the Quick Link below and select the crews/dates you would like to sign up for.  You will be required to read the rules before you can sign up.  If you have questions about the location or time of any crew you have signed up for, please review the work crew calendar on the website. It provides the time and location of each crew by day.

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If you need to contact the Community Service Department  you can email us at