Bonneville County Juvenile Probation Community Service

Community Service Rules



•I acknowledge that I must be on time to, and must be picked up on time, from all work crews and work sites that I have signed up to attend. If I arrive more than 5 minutes late, I will not be allowed to work and will be sent home and counted as a no show. The only exception to this is if I have been at the probation office and bring a note from my PO excusing my tardiness. If I am continually late, my probation officer will be notified, and the 5 minute grace period will no longer apply. If a project is canceled, I know that I am responsible to find my own transportation home. I will receive full credit for the scheduled hours (if not notified prior) for showing up for the project on time.

•I may not ride to and from crews with other youth or their parents. I also know that friends and family members may not visit me or bring items to me at the work site.

•I acknowledge that if I leave the work site without permission, or if I am asked to leave for any reason, I will lose the hours that I have worked and it will be considered a no show. I may face other consequences assigned by my Probation Officer.

•I acknowledge that contraband, defined as cigarettes, lighters, illegal substances, weapons of any kind, or any other items that are against the probation rules, is forbidden. I know that the site supervisor may do a search by having me remove my shoes and socks and/or turning my pockets inside out. Law enforcement will be notified of all infractions, as well as my Probation Officer. If I am 18 and legally able to posses tobacco, I know that it is NOT allowed on community service crews and will be taken and thrown in the garbage. This includes vape pipes and vape liquid.

•I acknowledge that I must dress appropriately. No flip flops, opened toe shoes, tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs/chests, short shorts or clothing that is see through and reveals skin in areas that are to be covered. No clothing or items that promote drugs or gangs. If the supervisor determines that my clothing is inappropriate, I will be sent home. If I am sent home for a dress code violation, it will be considered a no show.

•I acknowledge that cell phones/any other type of entertainment device will not be allowed to be used or kept on your person during the crew. Any such item must be given to the supervisor while at community service. Failure to place any electronic device in the designated area prior to crew will result in the loss of privilege for bringing phones to crew.

•I acknowledge that I must respect all individuals, project sites, and site rules at all times. Disrespect, hostility, aggressiveness, and an argumentative attitude (refusal to perform the tasks given) are grounds for disciplinary action. I understand that any infraction of the rules may result in being sent home, the loss of hours, additional hours, a probation violation, new charges, restitution, etc.


•I have read all of the above rules.

•I acknowledge that I am responsible to get my child to and from community service on time. I acknowledge that my child may not ride to or from crews with another community service youth or their parents. I know that if I give permission for my child to walk home, I must inform the supervisor personally in a written note when I drop my child off at the work site. However, if my child is NOT picked up within 15 minutes after the crew ends, I understand that he/she will no longer be considered under Bonneville County Juvenile Probation Supervision and I accept all responsibility for his/her actions. If I fail to notify staff of my child walking, and I cannot be reached, he/she WILL be allowed to walk. I know that penalty fees/additional consequences may be applied for extended supervision.

•I acknowledge that if my child is sick and unable to attend the work crew I am responsible for contacting the site supervisor by email at, and the probation officer (link to PO's emails), before the scheduled time. Work crew supervisors CANNOT excuse absences. If there is a conflict with a scheduled time, 24 hour notice prior to a scheduled work crew MUST be given. You MUST email both your PO and Community Service ( with the notification that your child will not be at crew as scheduled. Your youth’s PO will determine if the reason is valid. If BOTH your PO and Community Service are NOT notified, the absence may not be excused.

•I acknowledge that I am responsible to pick my child up and/or to pay penalty fees/face additional sanctions if my child’s attendance is in question, if my child is dressed inappropriately, or if my child’s behavior is inappropriate while at any community service work site.


A “no show” is considered any time a youth fails to work as scheduled and prior notice has not been given to both their PO and Community Service Staff and/or permission by their PO has not been received prior to crew starting.

Sanctions for no shows:

First no show on any crew: You will be required to work one crew with no credit for the hours worked. This crew must be worked prior to signing up and working on the court/PO ordered hours.

Second no show on any crew: If a second no show occurs within a 30 day time period from the 1st no show. You will be required to work two crews with no credit for the hours worked. These crews must be worked prior to signing up and working on the court/PO ordered hours.

Third no show on any crew: If a third no show occurs within a 30 day time period from the 2nd no show. You will be ineligible for all community service crews until a $10 no show fee is paid. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the probation staff at the time of payment, that my payment is for the no show and provide them with the date of the 3rd no show. If this is not documented on the receipt, the payment will be applied to other fees and regular community service hours may not be continued until the fee is paid and the community service staff is notified.